• What is Stretto?

    A platform that replaces multiple decoupled applications on to a single enterprise wide ecosystem, utilizing shared and interconnected code. Stretto enables code and knowledge sharing across an enterprise.

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What is Stretto?

Every enterprise strives to benefit from code sharing across the organization. Enterprises employ a large number of developers who are working in isolation within their particular siloed teams. For example, a developer in Prime Brokerage, who has a requirement to build a rich interactive flow chart component, is not aware that a developer from Finance has already constructed the same component. And even if the Finance developer is made aware of this charting component, they cannot seamlessly use it without downloading or copying the code base. Stretto changes this model and onboards both, Developers and Business Users, in to a unified interconnected ecosystem.


Stretto introduces an enterprise wide Module Store where developers upload and brand their reusable Modules. Modules receive a dedicated, branded, and searchable page in the Stretto Store, allowing anyone in the enterprise to find a match. Other developers can use these Modules and create application specific Widgets based on top of these Modules. Widgets are also cloud based, built atop Modules, and hosted within the Stretto platform.

Developers can then build full fledged, multi channel, cross platform applications. These applications are collections of Dashboards and do not need to go through tedious deployment and patch cycles.

Business Users

By leveraging Stretto's unified ecosystem, business users can create their own screens and Dashboards from disparate applications. Users can drag and drop Widgets from any application across the enterprise to create their own customized Dashboards. These Dashboards are referenceable using their own dedicated URL which can, optionally, be shared with anyone.

Typically, Business Users request technology to create specific screens and applications by filing requirements documents or change requests. Stretto empowers Business Users to create their own Dashboards as they wish, while remaining confined within the best practices technology has established.

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